Welona's Effective Remedies For Hair Fall
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Every person has a unique attraction to hair. While taking care of it is one struggle; trying to make it look perfect is another. Everyone wants thick and dark hair throughout. People are not concerned if they are ageing. They still want the ever-youthful hair for it makes them look young and vibrant. The never-ending battle with hairfall is tiresome and at times exhausting. Thankfully we have advanced procedures like hair loss treatments and hair-growth treatments to arrest this painful problem.

Why Does Hair Fall?

Well, there are quite many reasons as to why one encounters hairfall. Looking at the comb after a good brush and finding so much hair stuck to it can be excruciating. Let us first understand why people have hairfall. Here are the top reasons why this happens:

  •   Improper sleep – Yes, you read it right. Sound sleep ensures a good health condition. This also includes healthy hair growth. Inadequate sleep can take a toll on your body and thus leads to hairfall
  •   Diet – The food that we eat does a lot of changes in our body. Eating nutrients and vitamins rich food can make your hair not just glow but also gives a second life to damaged hair
  •  Age – Generally speaking, age is the most common and natural factor of why hair falls. People tend to succumb to grey hair and hair loss with growing age.
  •   Damaged hair – Premature or sudden hair loss can be due to damaged hair. Split ends, dandruff or dryness cause damaged hair. This can be effectively treated with hairfall treatments
  •  Hormones – Pregnancy, adolescence and health issues alter a lot of hormones in our body. One of the prime things that determine hair growth and hair health is hormones. Any change or alteration in it directly affects hair growth.
  •   Stress – Mental health is physical well-being. When we are stressed, our glands release a hormone called cortisol. This signals the hair follicles to shift. This results in hairfall.
  •  Pollution – Constant smoke, heat and harmful pollutants can directly affect the natural shine and texture of hair. This often leads to immense damage that can lead to hair loss.
  •   Chemicals – With a growing demand for shampoos and other fancy hair products, one fails to understand and remember that these products also use a significant amount of chemicals. These can permanently damage your hair.

Welona’s effective remedies for hair-fall

Welona is a renowned hair clinic that provides timely and right solutions to hair fall problems. We have advanced and prescribed procedures for each hair loss issue. We have experienced specialists who perform these treatments. Check out below on various services that we offer for hairfall treatment:

PRP Hairfall Treatment

Hairfall currently affects every 3 out of 5 people. Various factors affecting hair growth can lead to premature balding or extensive hairfall. What holds the hair follicles to our skin is the platelets. Our blood is made of various blood cells and platelets. Along with doing other functions in our body, they also stimulate hair growth by holding and enriching the hair follicles. 

PRP or platelet-rich plasma is a treatment that extracts platelets from the blood and delivering it to the affected area. The blood is extracted to make sure no damage is done to the platelets in the blood. The process for centrifugation then separates these platelets. The extracted plasma is then injected to the area where there is hair loss or where the hair does not seem to be growing.


  •   The procedure is short and takes about one hour to complete
  •   Minimal pain as it is just injection of plasma in the affected area
  •  Faster results
  •  Hair loss can be arrested if PRP is done on its initial stages

This treatment is suitable for both men and women. Being a straightforward procedure, it does not involve any severe pain. Welona’s PRP treatments are cost-effective and result-oriented. 

Stem cell therapy:

The right way to arrest hairfall is to start at the roots rather than do something about a wholly grown strand. Stemm cell therapy works precisely that way. In this procedure, nutrients are delivered directly to the hair roots. This helps rejuvenate and strengthen the hair roots right at the follicles


  •  Balance – This therapy balances the nutrients in the scalp and covers the lost vitamin composition.
  •  Hydration – Good nutrients gives proper hydration to the follicles. This promotes and enhances the natural shine and texture of hair.
  •   Replacement – The stem cells penetrate deep into the roots and replace the dead hair cells this giving new life.

Hair Transplant 

Welona offers one of the best hair transplant treatments. Here, this is performed by experienced trichologists and dermatologists. The first step is done by analyzing the hair distribution on the scalp. This provides a clear picture, to the dermatologists in identifying the problem area.

It is always good to have an expert’s advice before you analyze and decide the treatment that you would like to take up. Dermatologists are the right people to suggest as they are well-trained and equipped to do this.