Lightening Dark Lips
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Lightened lips or pink lips are often an aim for everyone to have. It does not just make your lips better it also displays a sign of healthy lips. Dark lips often make people feel sad and embarrassed. Over the years there have been a whole bunch of treatments that are natural that have been derived to treat this problem. There is also a bunch of medical treatment for dark lips that are provided by dermatologists. In today’s day and age, there is also laser treatment for dark lips that are pretty effective if natural solutions do not work. First, let us look at some of the reasons you may have dark lips:

Common reasons for lips darkening 

Dehydration: This could be one of the simple issues that you can fix easily. Keeping lips dry for a long time can tend to create a darkening of the lips. Therefore, it is important to keep lips hydrated. Keep drinking liquids, and more importantly water. That is good both for your lips and water.

Lifestyle habits: Typically, smokers have brown lips, this is certainly something that you can fix. First, you need to quit smoking and then start the different options available to you to lighten your lips color.   

Using Cosmetics extensively: As much as temporary solutions like lipsticks are temporary solutions too much use of cosmetics may eventually damage the color of your lips. Therefore, ensure that you try to use natural ways to color your lips that are not harmful.  

Melasma: This is also a reason why people could have dark lips. The condition is also called hyperpigmentation. If you can avoid it, you will have better lip color. 

Exposure to sun: Too much exposure to the sun is another cause for darkening lips. Therefore, make sure that you do not spend too much time exposing your lips to the sun.  

Anemia: There is no substitute for healthy food and a healthy body. It has been made clear over the years by professionals that Anaemia can actually cause blackening of the lips. 

Drinking caffeine and hot drinks: Drinks that have caffeine like coffee can cause a lot of darkening on your lips. They tend to along with other drinks that are hot turn the color of your skin on the lips. It is advised that if you cannot stop drinking it, to at least make it a little cold before consumption.  

Now, given this, let’s look at what you can do to fix the issue. There are a lot of natural and other options that you can use to cure the problem.

Tips to Lighten Dar Lips Permanently 

Pomegranates juice: This is a juice that has worked for many people. Mixing them with milk is a great option to get better-looking lips.

Lime: Lime with almond oil is considered a great way to make it easier to bring your lips back to the color that you have to get at.

Hydration: Like mentioned before, not enough water in your body could lead to more darkening of lips, having water regularly, even in sips is something that can help your lips better.    

Massage: Massaging your lips helps blood circulation and brings back the color into your skin. There is a lot to be said to this natural way to work with your help to help your lips stay healthy and look healthy. 

Laser treatment: If you want quick effects laser treatment is the best option for you. It takes just about four sittings to bring the entire problem to a stop. This could be your potential permanent solution that does not need excessive maintenance.   

This said, there are many new-age options available with us at Welona. Sometimes the old age issues are not solved just by natural options. Sometimes, you and your body need that nudge to help you keep yourself healthy in a safe way. We, therefore, provide dark lips treatment by a dermatologist that has expertise in this area. Providing laser treatment for dark lips before and after your treatment. We focus on dealing with your issues on a one to one basis to get you the best results. We also provide consultations for all of your needs that are skin related