Clear dark spots on face
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If you are having trouble getting rid of dark spots on your face, you are not alone. At some point in their time, most people have skin imperfections, and dark spots are a common concern. Dark spots can be embarrassing to deal with and also sometimes cause emotional setbacks in our lives. Thankfully, it can fade away when you take the necessary steps. These steps include sun protection, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and seeing dermatologists. Here is specific information you need to know about dark spots and the available treatments:

What are Dark Spots?

Dark spots are also called hyperpigmentation that appears on different parts of your skin. It usually happens when certain parts of the skin produce more melanin than other skin parts around it. The condition is not of concern medically but, it is a cause of the cosmetic problem. It can be referred to as both age spots or sunspots, depending on what caused it. Some of the areas that you might notice dark spots include the face, ​​back of your hands, shoulders, back, amongst other places. 

Typically, people with darker skin have spots that are a little darker than their skin color. Dark spots do sometimes fade away. However, deeper spots may take longer. The color mainly depends on the skin tone of the person. It would be best if you remembered that hyperpigmentation do not cause any pain. If you are experiencing pain, you must consult a dermatologist in Chennai. 

Reasons for Dark Spots

Dark spots or hyperpigmentation can happen due to many reasons. The most common factors include the following:

Age: As you age, your skin also loses its elasticity, amongst other things. As you age, you can develop spots on your face, they are called age spots. Lentigines are when dark spots appear because of UV rays exposure from the sun. People that are over 60 years old may have this issue. 

Hormonal Changes: When you go through bodily changes such as pregnancy or menopause, you could develop hormonal changes. Mostly, melasma and dark spots can occur due to hormonal changes. Certain medications can cause it.  

Skin damage: Many skin damage issues can cause dark spots, including acne, incorrect hair removals, cuts, burns, bites, scarring, and more. It is also known as Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). It may occur because of the trauma on the skin. 

Sun Exposure: One of the most common causes of melesma is direct exposure to UV rays. Direct sun exposure can make your skin produce more melanin in certain areas of your skin. The overproduction of melanin makes your skin darker, and if you have spots, it will make the spots darker.  

Best Dark Spots Treatments

Over The Counter Creams

Many companies are coming up with over-the-counter medicinal creams that can help reduce and control dark spots. The cosmetology industry puts a lot of money into skin research, and the options are available to find. However, it is necessary to research the best choice for your skin. Also, remember that you pay attention and monitor how your skin reacts to the cream.

Home remedies

Many home remedies can also help with lightening dark spots. Home remedies better the entire health of your skin often, apart from treating hyperpigmentation. Some home remedies applied to the areas include lime juice, milk, aloe vera juice or syrup, turmeric paste (with milk or honey), papaya, and more. 


There are prescription medications available that your doctor might prescribe. It could include bleaching creams and creams that have retinoids or hydroquinone. You will be encouraged to use them in the affected area over some time to see noticeable changes. 

Laser Treatment

According to research, laser treatment can be effective for hyperpigmentation with durable improvement. A treatment that takes about 30 minutes per sitting is when light is flashed on the skin. The frequency produced is absorbed by the skin. It is an effective option to treat dark spots and does not cause too much discomfort. There are multiple types of treatments available; one commonly used option is intense pulse light laser treatment. 


It is a process where the skin expert in Chennai gently removes the top layer of the skin to help grow new collagen. The unique tool exfoliates the skin and is very effective with acne scars, discoloration, sun spots, amongst other things. A process that is typically considered painless, the microdermabrasion has little downtown and very few side effects, except for a bit of redness.  

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are an effective way to get rid of dark spots. The procedure removes the outer layer of the skin, enabling your skin to grow afresh in the area. It is a procedure that has minimal downtime. There are different types of chemicals Glycolic acid (GA), Lactic acid (LA), Salicylic acid (SA), and Trichloracetic acid (TCA). Glycolic acid (GA) is the most common alpha-hydroxy acid peel. Based on your skin type and an assessment, your doctor will be able to suggest the right kind of treatment for you. 


Cryosurgery is another excellent option. It is a procedure where the skin parts are exposed to low temperatures using a freezing agent like liquid nitrogen. This procedure is called thermal shock. The system destroys cells that are unwanted cells. The outer skin will seamlessly peel off, making way for new skin to grow in the area. 

Best Clinic For Dark Spots Treatment in Chennai

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