Hair Transplantation benefits
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Hair transplant treatment is a procedure to add more hair where you are experiencing hair thinning on your head. It is a surgical process. If you are experiencing hair loss in some regions of your head, an expert in Chennai can take hair from one part of the scalp or some other part of your body and graft it to the balding area. According to some data, the first transplant was performed in 1939. Since then, many experts came up with more reliable technology. More research is on hair transplant, and even the technology has improved significantly, making the process a lot more seamless with little downtime. 

Reasons Behind Hair Loss

Before knowing how a hair transplant can help, you must first understand that there are many reasons why people suffer from hair loss. Some common reasons for hair loss include a condition called Alopecia areata, hair loss due to genetics, hereditary hair loss, hormonal changes, infection in the scalp, and more. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure you get down to the bottom of why you are losing hair before you can make an informed decision on if the procedure will benefit you. It is a decision you can make in consultation with a doctor in Chennai. 

Hair Transplant Treatment

There are multiple options when it comes to treating hair loss. Some of the options include PRP Hair Loss Treatment, laser treatment, stem cell therapy, hair regrowth treatment, and so on. 

However, one of the most effective treatments that have stood the test of time is the hair transplant treatment. It is indeed one of the most effective methods to treat hair loss. If you are struggling with hair loss and are looking to talk to an expert in Chennai, you can first understand the pros and cons of the surgery. It will help you make an informed decision and ask your dermatologist all the right questions.   

Pros and Cons of Hair Transplant 


Look and Feel Better

If you worry about hair loss, one of the biggest pros of going through a hair transplant surgery is getting a self-esteem boost. When your hair grows back after the hair transplant to when you had no bald patches, it serves as a great confidence booster.

Permanent Option

Given that there are many options to help with hair loss, hair transplant surgery for men and women can have permanent solutions. It means more effortless and convenient in the long run because you would not have to keep repeating the procedures from time to time. 

Natural Option

Typically, during a hair transplant, hair from one part is taken and transplanted into another role. It means the hairline looks natural. The transplanted hair grows to be a perfect match for your existing hair. Additionally, unlike wigs and other unnatural options, the growth from a Hair Transplant Surgery is natural and therefore looks natural. 

Easy to Maintain

As a general rule, after the follicles start to grow, the area requires very little maintenance. Also, the complications that arise from a hair transplant surgery are minimal. With little care on a regular basis, you can enjoy living with your transplanted hair for years.  


Non-surgical treatments may seem a lot more affordable for each of the sittings. However, remember you will require multiple sittings over a while. If you add up the amount that you spend over some time with a hair transplant surgery price for a one-time sitting, it will be a lot cheaper. Apart from that, there is also high maintenance and multiple visits to the clinics. 

Low Downtime with High Success Rate 

After the surgery is complete and you take the necessary rest, you can start getting back to your regular life after consulting with your doctor in Chennai. Unlike other procedures that need attention and downtime after each sitting, a hair transplant has low rest. Also, given that it is an effective one-time process, the success rate is much more efficient, making it a more viable option.   


Surgery is surgery

It is surgery. That means it could cause some side effects. Also, undergoing surgery does impact the body. Therefore, amongst other things, you must go into it understanding the risks, the side effects and trust your dermatologist with all your medical history. 

Finding an Expert

It might have to be one of the most challenging things you have to do while realizing you are ready for a hair transplant. To find the right kind of expert in Chennai will require a lot of reading and researching on your part. If you do not see the right dermatologist in Chennai, you might have trouble. Medical professionals and experts will also need full disclosure of your condition to handle the procedure. 

Cost Information

The cost you will need to invest is not set in stone. It will broadly depend on where you go, how complicated the procedure is, and will differ from person to person. The cost will depend on your medical conditions as well. Also, know that it is a tad more expensive than the other hair fall treatments. However, it is a one-time process. 

Waiting Period

Before you get to the actual transplant, you will need multiple sittings with your physician. Also, given that hair fall is a common problem and there are only so many experts in Chennai, getting appointments can be difficult and time-consuming.  

Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Chennai

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