Treatment for sagging breast
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Our doctors at Welona often say – making people feel better about themselves and their bodies is the most satisfying aspect of them being doctors. They usually do this via different treatments such as acne scar treatment, PRP hair loss treatment, figure correction treatment, hair reduction treatment, and more. One such treatment that our clients often ask for is breast firming treatment. Breast lift surgery gained popularity over a decade, and it is because the surgery is an effective solution for their breast concerns. 

What is Breast Firming Treatment?

Mastopexy or breast firming treatment is a medical procedure to restore breasts to a lifted position and improve their firmness and shape. As you age, the breast size changes due to various factors. That makes the skin around the breast lose its elasticity, and they begin to sag. The breast volume looks depleted, which makes them appear unattractive. So, if your breasts have begun to sag or droop and nipples are pointing downwards, it’s time you consider breast enhancement surgery for getting youthful, uplifted, and voluptuous breasts again.

Reasons for Sagging Breasts 

Every woman wants to have a perfect body, including their breasts. But when it starts to sag, it impacts their appearance and self-confidence. Our breasts are made of fat tissue and Cooper’s ligaments. With age, these elements lose their elasticity, and the ligaments stretch out. It negatively impacts the breast tissues that further results in droopy and saggy breasts. While aging is a significant factor for this, the process of breast sagging may accelerate by other factors, including:

Best Breast Firming Treatment – Mastopexy 

Mastopexy, breast lift, or breast firming treatment by far is the best treatment to restore firmness in your breast. The surgeon will remove excess skin during the surgery and tighten the surrounding tissues to shape and support the new best silhouette. Instead of enlarging the breasts, the process lifts and repositions breasts that have sagged over a while. 

During the surgery, a plastic surgeon will make an anchor-shaped incision around the nipple. The incision can also be made down to and underneath the breast, depending upon the requirement. The surgeon will then remove the excess tissues and skin and relocate the nipple to a higher and more appropriate spot on the lifted breasts. The process is followed by reshaping the breasts to more even, round, and firm before closing the stitches. 

The entire process happens under general anesthesia or sedation. Though it is an outpatient surgery, you can consider staying overnight under the doctor’s watch for better recovery. Patients can also go for implant treatment along with mastopexy to attain the fullness of breasts. You can need more than one sitting to complete the process and achieve desired results. Each session may take about an hour to complete.  

Mastopexy will firm the breast and reduce the size of breasts if they get enlarged over time. Remember, the pattern of the incision will depend on the result needed by the patient. The most common areas of incision include:

After your surgery, you will be asked to wear bandages or a bra that supports your breast to minimize swelling. Full recovery depends upon person to person. However, it may take several weeks. You can return to your daily activity based on the doctor’s advice. 

Why Should You Consider a Breast Firming Treatment?

Women all through their life desire to have well-toned breasts. But when they begin to sag, it may be unappealing and frustrating. So, there are different reasons why you may want to consider this surgery, here are some of them:

The process will change how you feel about yourself and boost your confidence when wearing different types of clothing. It will help you feel younger and more attractive. However, mastopexy requires tremendous skill, experience, and refinement technique to achieve a flawless breast lift. So you must consult a plastic surgeon in Chennai after thorough research.  

Benefits of Breast Firming Treatment

If you consider going for a breast lift procedure at a reliable dermatologist clinic in Chennai, you will notice the following benefits 

Best Clinic In Chennai for Breast Firming Treatment 

At Welona, Slimming, Skin and Hair clinic in Chennai, we have highly experienced and board-certified plastic surgeons that perform breast lift surgery. They first evaluate the features of your breast and if you are safe and eligible to go for the treatment. After evaluation, our surgeon may suggest breast firming creams, breast lift, or other procedures based on what is appropriate for your body. Book your consultation today!