Adult Acne Causes and Treatment
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Everybody hates getting pimples. They show up out of the blue and are annoyingly persistent. Spotting one in the mirror always elicits an exasperated groan. The goal immediately becomes to find the most effective acne treatment method. So how does one get rid of pimples quickly and quietly, and how exactly does it work? Let’s find out.

First of all, why does acne occur? What causes a random pimple to crop up and spoil our skin? Well, it’s a case of a lot of small factors contributing to one big problem. The usual suspects are a buildup of excess oil, subsequent bacterial contamination and a good distribution of dandruff and dead skin cells. When this buildup occurs above the skin, that’s what we see as a pimple. These can turn out to be very painful thanks to inflammation. What’s worse, they can also spread if the bacteria spread across the skin. Even after they’re gone, they leave behind unpleasant scars at times. 

No wonder, then, that some people actively look for the best acne scar treatment in Chennai, as the scars can be long-lasting. Before that, let’s take a look at the principle behind acne treatment methods in general.


Acne treatment requires care and attention in many different aspects. It’s not just about taking some medication and being done with it. Right from the day you spot it, care must be taken not to let it spiral out of control. For starters,

– You shouldn’t tease it and try to extract it by hand.

– More importantly, wash your hands before touching the area.

– Keep hair pulled back and away from the face.

Now for the treatment methods. Bear in mind, they come in different shapes and doses. Pick one that makes you feel comfortable and works for you.

Acne medications are usually targeted towards rectifying the significant issues and causal factors behind the pimples. The four of them can be broadly listed as:

– Reducing bacterial infection.
– Curbing excess oil.
– Reducing the inflammation.

– Guaranteeing scar-free skin.

These are the 4 pillars behind the best acne scar treatment in Chennai and the world over. Every tried-and-tested method for acne treatment not only eradicates pimples but also negates the possibility of acne scars forming.

Self-treatment usually aggravates the acne & almost always ends with a mark or scar. It is wise to get it examined by a medical professional, at skin clinics like Welona. 


– Topical

-Oval medication for controlling bacteria

-Hormonal control

– Clinic level treatments like Comedone extraction, peels, light therapy.


So what can you expect from approaching professional clinics like Welona to put a stop to your acne woes? Well, for one, they not only offer acne treatment but also provide acne scar treatments. Conventional treatment methods can do little to remedy the lasting scars that acne leaves behind.

Fortunately, skincare clinics are well-equipped to deal with scars. Treatment depends on the type of scar tissue. For example, marks caused by eczema have a distinctive pattern that requires a specific approach to treatment.

After thorough consultation and diagnosis from the specialists, you will be prescribed an appropriate method based on factors like the type of acne and scars, your allergies, and so on.

-The laser takes care of the marks and scars left behind by acne.

– Other methods, like light therapy (red light, blue light) exist for less painful treatment. When irradiated by a light source of suitable wavelength, the bacteria in the affected cells die, and the sebaceous glands also shrink considerably. Thus, it’s an effective method to tackle acne.

Acne can range from being a minor nuisance to a serious crisis, depending on how far it spreads. There are plenty of ways to fight it, so you don’t have to worry! Visit us at Welona if you need to clear up your acne effectively, with no hassles involved!