Today’s Secrets Behind Pain-free Hair Removal
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There are myriad reasons why people opt for hair removal techniques at a skin care clinic. Some of them want to look better. Some of them just don’t like having a lot of hair! However, most conventional methods to remove hair are painful, to say the least. You opt for approaches like waxing and shaving because they’re quick and efficient. The pain that comes with it is something you have to bear with gritted teeth, right? With the advent of painless laser hair removal treatments in recent years, you no longer have to put yourself through that pain! Besides laser, there also exist other methods and hacks to make hair removal a lot less painful, and thereby hassle-free. Let’s take a look into them one by one!

Hair removal creams are painless, true. 

But they’re not that effective in the long run, for your hair removal needs. Why? Because they don’t get to the root of the problem. Creams such as Veet (also known as depilatory creams) deal with hairs from a superficial angle. After application, the cream ‘dissolves’ the keratin structure of the hairs and pulls them out. However, the follicles still remain, don’t they? Your hair will regrow back in a few weeks, and you have to repeat cream application. Is it a painless method? Yes. It definitely has its place among simple hair removal tips. Go for it if you’re comfortable, but if you want long-term solutions, consider looking elsewhere.

Shaving is probably the most common hair removal method. 

There’s a prevalent myth surrounding it, however. Both men and women do it regularly, albeit for different aesthetic purposes. Granted, it does sting you a little at times. The pain is negligible if you shave right, which is quite easy to pick up. Thus, one can’t overlook that it’s one of the most popular and best hair removal methods used the world over. 

Shaved hair does grow back in a matter of weeks, yes. However, it does NOT grow back denser, as the common belief goes. The blunt hair ends caused by shaving feel rough to the touch, giving the illusion of thicker hair. The hair just grows back as usual. So while shaving may provide a quick fix to your hair removal needs, it doesn’t really address the problem consistently. That’s where we explore more concrete options.

Laser hair removal is NOT painful. 

Most of those who go for it say it hurts even less than waxing! A pro hair removal tip from specialists and customers alike describes how laser hair removal feels like. Accounts vary, but the general consensus seems to be that it hurts about as much as a small pinprick or a rubber band. Not too bad, considering that actual lasers are being used! Another advantage of laser hair removal is that it’s a relatively permanent solution with regards to hair regrowth. It significantly reduces the amount of hair that grows back, effectively making it a “permanent” solution of sorts. At Welona, we have the Gentle: YAG laser, and as the name suggests, it is pain-free.

Laser hair reduction is performed by trained experts at skin clinics. Rest assured, your skin is in safe hands! People who opt for this method vouch for it as one of the best hair removal methods that are also relatively painless. If you want to give it a shot, drop by your trusted skin clinic!

Sugaring actually works. 

For the uninitiated, sugaring is a natural way to get rid of hair across the usual regions of your body. The principle is similar to waxing, but it’s surprisingly low on any pain or side effects. No wonder, then, that it’s a favourite among those who exclusively prefer natural methods, with some of them hailing it as the best hair removal method. A paste of sugar, lemon juice and water is applied to the hairy region and allowed to harden. It is then peeled off slowly, taking the hairs along with it. It is usually performed by trained professionals because the consistency of the paste is crucial for optimum results. It’s also quicker than waxing as there’s not much pain and discomfort involved. Try this method out, if you want hassle-free hair removal! Bear in mind that you’ll have to perform it regularly if you want consistent results.

Hair removal sounds painful. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. There exist plenty of methods that get the job done while significantly reducing the pain involved. It’s just a matter of finding the right method that works for you. If you need some clarity on the subject, you can always drop by our clinic for professional consultation and advice!