Laser Hair Reduction Treatment
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In this age of technology, waxing, shaving, and threading seem like a thing of the past. More and more people are opting for laser hair reduction treatment to get desired hair removal results. The main reason why this procedure is getting thumbs up is that it is very safe and effective. Furthermore, an expert doctor can perform it without causing much discomfort or pain. If you are considering laser hair removal, you might want to study the subject thoroughly. Here is everything you need to know about laser hair reduction treatment. 

How does laser hair reduction works?  

Permanent laser hair reduction is a medical treatment that works by targeting hair at the root to damage the follicle and discourage hair re-growth. A beam of highly concentrated light enters the skin, which is absorbed by the melanin present in the hair follicle. This intense heat damages the hair follicle, which prevents further growth of the hair in the treated area of the body. The process is otherwise known as photothermolysis. With over a few repeated sessions, there can be no need to shave body hair. Various areas of the body can be treated with this option such as chin, legs, underarms, upper lip, hands, back and other areas. The most commonly used laser hair removal are Alexandrite laser, intense pulsed light device, ruby laser, the pulsed diode laser, and the long pulse laser. Your doctor may suggest appropriate laser treatment according to your skin and hair types

How to get the best Laser Hair Reduction Results?

The best results can be achieved by following the doctor’s advice before and after the treatment. Individuals with healthy and light skin are better candidates for this treatment because light skin contains less melanin than darker skin tone. However, it is just a matter of a few more sessions if your skin is of a dark tone. Soon after the laser hair removal session, you will notice your hair growth is less, and the hairs are weaker. You will experience smoother skin with less visible pores. With each following session, your results will be more noticeable and satisfactory. 

To achieve the best results you must take of following things:

How much Laser Hair Removal Cost in India?

The treatment cost, method, and results depend upon each person’s skin type, the thickness of hair and sensitivity of the body area. However, one may at least need about 6 sessions to achieve the best results. Usually, the cost of hair removal in India could cost up to 60k for full-body, while the trial may start from 99rs. The costs also depend on the number of minutes laser is used, for example, an upper lip treatment may take only a few minutes of treatment, while full leg treatment could take up to an hour of treatment. So, make sure you discuss the cost of laser treatment with your doctor well in advance and also ensure that there are no hidden costs involved. 

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