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A huge bunch of hair, sandwiched in the interstices of your comb – many people’s worst nightmare. Many of us relate hair to confidence and beauty. But do we really take the utmost effort to protect our hair? Most of us don’t. Yet we desire a head full of soft and shiny hair. Applying oil and washing your hair alone is not a proper hair care regime. The overall wellness of your body & mind contributes to stopping hair fall.

Hair falls due to several reasons, both external and others. Food that you take and the amount of water you consume also account to the strength of your hair. The chemicals these days are one of the top causes of hair fall. Any drugs or medical conditions could be a factor to consider, as well. Genetics also play a massive role in how your hair colour, texture and thickness is. Also, today’s era is so fast, and people don’t have the time to protect their hair. So, you end up losing a lot of hair. 

When should you start worrying? 

An average adult loses up to 100 of their hair strands every day. Anything more than that should alarm you for caution. If you’re noticing hair strand all over the place, over-clogged drains, lumps of hair after a single comb, or hair fall in patches, it’s time to meet a professional and seek help. 

Natural treatment for hair loss- Do they work? 

These days, we see a problem we immediately google a solution. And on Google, there are umpteen solutions for hair loss. But do they all have any effect on your hair fall problem? The answer is, some do, and some don’t. Especially in cases such as alopecia areata (patchy hair loss), it is tough to find solutions with natural treatments.

So, this is how you find the right natural treatment for your hair. Research first. Find out the hows and whys of the treatment — for example, the garlic treatment for hair growth. Raw garlic contains vitamin C that can promote hair growth. So, applying garlic juice of your scalp has proven to be a solution. 

Another mistake that people make while testing out natural treatment is to overdo. They gather a lot of home remedies or natural remedies and start following all of them at once. This won’t get anyone anywhere. Find one of two techniques that work and start following them regularly. Natural products only take effect when routinely followed. 

Also, keep track of the number of weeks or months you were taking the natural treatment. If you don’t notice any change and experience the same amount of hair fall, it is time to meet a dermatologist.  

Treatments that expert-dermatologists suggest

When you meet a dermatologist, the first thing that they do is identify the root cause of your hair fall. They examine the scalp, perform a pull-test and explore treatment options that would best suit you. Most dermatologists, suggests hair fall shampoos for the beginning stages of hair fall. They prepare a timeframe for the shampoo to take effect and check for improvements at regular intervals. For problems like alopecia, the best course of action they would suggest is hair transplantation. For heavy hair fall and hair regrowth, the most recommended treatment by expert-dermatologists is PRP treatment.

PRP treatment by Welona- A minimally invasive procedure with maximum hair fall control. 

PRP treatment is a sure-shot solution to all your hair loss problems. It helps to control hair fall and also stimulate hair regrowth— not a miracle, just science. PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) treatment has healing and rejuvenation properties. Technically, PRP is a cellular component of human blood. It is separated from the other elements of the blood by a procedure called centrifugation. The PRP not only helps in the stimulation of hair follicles but also help with several other issues such as arthritis, pain and sprain. So, how can PRP be of use to you? First of all, it is a safe procedure. An injection containing PRP will be directly administered into the scalp, not to mention it is got from the blood of the patients themselves. 

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