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Maintaining one’s hair in prime condition is more or less a full-time job. Keeping it healthy is just half the battle, though. You also have to keep the myriad hair problems at bay as well! One such issue that people face is split ends in hair. It’s a silent beast, much like other hair problems of its calibre. Thankfully, hair care treatment rises up to meet these issues and make life easier for everyone. Split ends are a bit different when it comes to treatment, though. Let’s shed some light on the matter!

What Causes The Split?

Split ends sound like an umbrella term, but it’s really quite simple. It’s a condition where your hair becomes frayed at the ends and loses its texture. To the touch, it feels matted and fibrous, without any of the smoothness that we usually associate with hair. If the issue persists, it may cause unnecessary curling and tangling of hair.

Why does it happen? Well, if your hair’s continuously been facing rough conditions like excessive heat exposure, then chances are it’s going to split and lose its lustre. You could also inadvertently accelerate the process by subjecting your hair to harsh chemicals and makeover tools. Your hair dryer and straightener may be harming your hair more than you think! Experts at hair treatment clinics will help you understand the exact reason behind your split ends issues upon consultation. 

At Welona, our team of professionals are equipped to help you tackle this problem efficiently. How does the treatment work, though? Let’s take a closer look.

The Truth Behind Split Ends 

We’ll kick things off with a little disclaimer. You can’t entirely fix hair that’s already split at the ends.

That hair is gone. What you can do is reduce the occurrence of split ends and prevent it from resurfacing.

What’s important to understand here is that split ends are not to be shrugged off as unimportant. In the long run, split ends can cause stunted hair growth and other complications. So it’s imperative that you act on it as seen as it comes to your notice.

What CAN I Do?

Since we’ve established that split ends can’t be repaired, that leaves us with two feasible alternatives. One is to prevent them from occurring again, and the other is to hide them till they fall off, minimizing the damage they cause. The treatment methods in either approach are significantly different. In that regard, let’s explore them one at a time.


– These methods involve taking a few precautionary steps to minimize the chance of split ends occurring. These steps include:

Despite these measures, if you do end up catching a bad case of split ends, it’s best if you avail professional hair care treatment in Chennai to sort it out. Clinics like Welona take a systematic approach to ensure that your hair issues are solved in the most efficient way possible.


These methods of dealing with split ends are more hacks than anything else. As such, none of them guarantees consistent results. They are merely temporary fixes to split ends until new hair grows to replace the hair with split ends.

Once split ends occur, they become a nuisance when it comes to hair loss treatment for women (and men too, in some cases).

As such, prevention is the better approach, for obvious reasons. Split ends are a unique hair problem because of the different methods that have to be employed to curb it. If you consult hair treatment clinics to solve this problem for you, rest assured, for you’re in good hands. Welona is no exception to this. Give our clinic a visit to get efficient solutions for all your hair woes!