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Everyone likes fuller and healthier lips. It is a significant area when it comes to facial beauty. Unfortunately, as we age, photodamage, smoking, hereditary factors, and poor lifestyle contribute to loss of volume, fat and collagen in lips. It leads to dry, saggy, and thinner lips. A few years ago, a facelift was the only option available to fix issues related to signs of aging. Facelift was an extensive surgery with a lot of complications and pain. Thanks to modern science, we now have different unique options such as lip filler, lip implants and so on to restore the beauty of our lips without much complications or pain. 

Dermal fillers are one of the best alternatives to a facelift. Though these are not permanent, with proper care, you can have lasting results with dermal fillers. For restoring the natural beauty of your lips, consider going for lip fillers. It can replace the collagen and fat that you lose with age. Lip filler or lip augmentation consists of reshaping or enlargement of lips, and you should only consult the best dermatologist in Chennai to perform this treatment.    

What is Lip Filler

Lip filler is a sought-after minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure across the world. The global market size for lip augmentation was valued at $2.2 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow 9.5% by 2027. Lip implant and lip filler are two types of treatments for lip augmentation. Among them, lip filler is the most common procedure that dermatologists prefer and recommend. It is a type of dermal filler to make your lips fuller and plump. Dermatologists inject dermal fillers into your lips and also around your mouth. Though this procedure also helps restore cheeks and temples, it is most famous for the lips. 

Hyaluronic acid (HA) and polyacrylamide (PA) are widely accessible types of dermal filler across the world. HA remains the predominant filler because PA sometimes causes granuloma. Also, the efficacy, safety, and healing of HA are much better than PA filler. That’s the reason HA is one of the critical components when treating the aging face and lips. Hyaluronic acid fillers are the number one choice of dermatologists for lip enhancement and fight the signs of aging through fillers.     

Best Hyaluronic Acid Lip Filler 

HA is a substance produced by our body naturally. The highest concentration of HA is available in fluids in the eyes and joints. There are specific ways to extract HA from other natural resources or derived from the Streptococcus Zooepidemicus bacteria. So, when you inject HA artificially, it blends well within our bodies. Also, HA carries negligible risks and side effects, making it the best treatment for lip filler. 

The lip filler injections tend to work with the water content in the skin and help it look the way you want. Since the absorption process is pretty slow, it can be adopted and made to look the way you would prefer. Meaning you can decide if your lips need to be thinner or thicker. You will come across three types of HA lip filler injections Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm. Most dermatologists suggest Juvederm lip filler due to the longer duration of their effects. 

Why Juvederm Lip Filler? 

Juvederm is the best kind of dermal filler if you are looking to add volume to your lips, cheeks and mouth area. It is a trusted and widely used brand for lip filler. The Juvederm formula comprises a higher concentration of HA than most brands and has a smoother gel for lasting effects. You can see immediate results of Juvederm dermal filler right after the lip enhancement treatment. Your lip area will also feel translucent and appear radiant and youthful. However, you might have to wait for swelling to go down right after the procedure. On average, the effects of Juvederm lip filler lasts for about a year if you follow all the instructions.

Benefits of Juvederm Lip Filler

After the Juvederm lip filler treatment, you will experience the following benefits:

Lip Filler Procedure

The lip filler procedure may take 30 to 60 minutes on average. It is a relatively simple process. Your doctor will first administer anaesthesia to numb the top and bottom of the lips. After your lips are numb, your doctor will inject the dermal filler into your lips. However, there will be precautions you will have to take before and after the procedure. Here are some of them:

Before Procedure

Even before embarking on the procedure, you must ensure you take care of the following. It will help you heal better and sooner after the procedure: 

After Procedure 

After you have gone through the procedure, some of the things you may experience include:

These are temporary outcomes and will be overcome and subside within a few days of the procedure. However, as a thumb rule from your end, the following are the activities you must avoid: 

Best Clinic for Lip Filler

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