Sure-fire methods for acne scar treatment
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Acne is the 8th most common disease in the world affecting about 80-90% of teenagers and young adults. There are 4 major reasons that can trigger acne – stress, hormones, certain medications, and dietary habits.  While acne treatment might not be stressful, the scar development due to acne is the real evil. The acne scar can be of various types including red, raised, flat, and depressed and they need to be treated at the earliest. However the types of acne scars and treatment may vary, there are certain sure-fire methods for acne scar treatment that you can try. 

To minimize your acne marks, your dermatologist will suggest apt procedures based on the following factors:

With proper acne scar treatment, you will not only say goodbye to scars but will also welcome smooth and supple skin in the process. Here are some best treatments for acne scars. The treatment time, healing and reaction may vary from person to person. 

7 Best Methods of Acne Scar Treatment

Chemical Peels – Chemical peeling is a simple process of inducing a chemical solution on the skin to remove the top layers. This promotes the development of a healthy new top layer of skin along with solving problems like hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, skin impurities, fine lines, and acne scars.

Dermabrasion – Your dermatologist may suggest Dermabrasion if you need minor skin resurfacing and remove surgical/acne scars. With the help of a rotating electrical machine, the top layers of skin are removed, which gives way for fresh and smoother layers of skin growth. Microdermabrasion, on the other hand, is a minimally invasive procedure for acne scar reduction.

Laser Resurfacing or Laser Peeling – Laser resurfacing is considered one of the best acne scar solutions. A laser instrument with high-energy light is used to burn away the damaged skin. Laser resurfacing also heats the underneath layers of skin that promotes collagen production, so that your skin is healed in more smoother and even manner. The process is also considered apt for wrinkle removal and filters. Most doctors would recommend laser treatments for skin-related issues because it has long-lasting effects and minimal reappearance of skin problems. 

Punch Grafting – Punch grafting is a simple yet effective treatment mostly for depressed acne scars. In this process, your doctor will use a small punch tool to punch a hole in the skin to remove the scar and fill in the area with new skin. This new plugged skin is usually removed from behind the ear lobe. The graft is held in place with sutures, particular surgical skin glue or steri-strips.

Filler Injections – Many dermatologists suggest treating acne scars with collagen injections. The procedure involves injecting collagen, hyaluronic acid or fat, directly into a raised scar. Through this, the scar flattens and softens. Filler injections for acne scars are usually temporary, and you may have to do it on a regular basis or as suggested by the doctor.

OTC Creams – For mild acne scar treatment you might prefer getting over the counter medicines. Look for creams with retinol, silicone or hydraulic acid which can directly be applied on acne scars to reduce its appearances. Such ingredients mainly help in treating keloid scars. 

Natural Remedies for Acne Scar Treatment – There are multiple home remedies for acne scar treatment that are easy to find and are pocket-friendly. Sandalwood mixed with rose water is touted as the best remedies to lighten dark spots. For dry skin acne scar treatment use Helichrysum oil or lavender essential oil, both of which are effective oils for acne scars. Applying honey and aloe vera every alternate night before going to bed is said to be great for reducing scars and increasing skin elasticity.

Always remember, prevention is better than cure. Make sure you don’t pluck or scratch over pimples, which could worsen your acne marks. Also, cover yourself when in the sun and take antioxidant-rich food for better healing. Welona, slimming, skin and hair clinic has experienced doctors that can help you treat your skin issues. Call us now to fix an appointment.