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Cosmelan peel is a potent solution for addressing blemishes, diminishing the visibility of dark spots, and correcting skin discolouration. Administered by qualified professionals, this professional-grade product functions by exfoliating skin’s outer layers and lightening the appearance of dark spots. 

It is a sought-after treatment for those desiring a more uniform skin tone and a radiant complexion that effectively reduces various forms of hyperpigmentation like sun damage, age spots, and acne marks. If you’ve recently faced any hyperpigmentation issues and are looking for Comslean treatment, read this article till the end. It will tell you everything about the treatment.

Understanding Cosmelan Peel

Cosmelan is an advanced two-step topical treatment system that effectively reduces and regulates stubborn pigmentation and uneven skin tone. The unique blend of ingredients in Cosmelan works rapidly to blend and reduce undesirable pigment, promoting a more even complexion.

By regulating melanin activity, Cosmelan slows down the overproduction of pigment-producing cells, encouraging a more uniform function. This treatment is suitable for all skin types, including darker-toned Asian, Mediterranean, and Latin skin, and is “sun-friendly,” allowing for an active outdoor lifestyle without compromising results. Additionally, Cosmelan initiates a mild peeling process, refining the skin surface and reducing hyperpigmentation.

Melanin, the natural pigment responsible for skin, eye, and hair colour, is typically evenly distributed. However, factors like sun exposure, heat, hormones, or skin injury can disrupt melanin cells, leading to uneven colour distribution, brown patches, and spots.

Ingredients in a Cosmelan Peel 

Cosmelan is the go-to method for effectively and safely treating melasma, skin pigmentation, and spots. The unique ingredients in a professional Cosmelan peel set it apart from over-the-counter products by targeting the cells responsible for your skin’s pigment and inhibiting further melanin production.

Two crucial active ingredients in a Cosmelan peel are azelaic and kojic acid. Azelaic acid aids in healing melasma and rosacea, eliminating skin bacteria, managing acne, reducing inflammation, and encouraging the production of new skin cells. Meanwhile, kojic acid plays a significant role in curbing melanin production, boasting antimicrobial and anti-ageing properties, exfoliating benefits, and effectiveness in lightening visible sun damage, age spots, and scars.

In a cosmetic clinic, the multi-ingredient Cosmelan peel combines active skin-brightening elements such as azelaic acid, kojic acid, arbutin, vitamin C, and phytic acid. These ingredients collaborate to even out skin tone and provide a lightening and brightening effect.

Benefits of Cosmelan Treatment

Process of Cosmelan Peel

The mechanism of action for Cosmelan Depigmentation treatment revolves around inhibiting tyrosinase, a fundamental enzyme in melanin (pigment) formation. Within the Cosmelan formula, various components work by either blocking this enzyme or altering its action. This approach is essential for impeding melanin production and promoting a more even and balanced skin tone.

Steps Involved 

Cleansing and scrubbing the skin to remove excess oil

Applying the Cosmelan peel on the face evenly

Leaving the peel on for about 6 to 10 hours

Removing the peel at home after prescribed hours

Applying recovery products as suggested by the dermatologist. 

Expected Results 

After the first session, your skin might get red, like a sunburn, and have some discolouration. If your skin is sensitive, it might feel itchy for a day or two, but that should go away. At first, you might feel slightly burning and tightness in your skin, but that’s normal. Following a dermatologist’s advice can help reduce irritation and itching.

Most people see their symptoms go away in the first day or two. The initial discolouration and flaking will disappear, and healthier-looking skin will shine. Any red spots should fade in the following days.

After finishing the number advised Cosmelan peels, you may observe peeling of the skin in the treated areas. Over the next two weeks, there will be a noticeable reduction in the concentration of melanin on your face. However, the results can vary among patients, influenced by the severity of the condition.


The Cosmelan peel is a fantastic solution for improving your skin’s appearance, reducing dark spots, and achieving a more even complexion. Administered by skilled professionals, this treatment offers quick and effective results with minimal discomfort. 

Whether you’re dealing with age spots, acne marks, or uneven skin tone, the Cosmelan peel is a popular choice. If you’re considering this transformative treatment, Welona Clinic in Chennai is the best clinic for expert guidance and personalized care. Contact Welona today to schedule your consultation!

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The Cosmelan peel, a transformative skin treatment, is carefully evaluated during this consultation to determine its suitability for you. Welona recommends daily use of a gentle cleanser and moisturizer, along with sunscreen application, to maintain and maximize the benefits of the treatment.


Is Cosmelan suitable for all skin types?

Yes, Cosmelan is effective on all skin types, including darker-toned Asian, Mediterranean, and Latin skin.

How long does it take to see results after a Cosmelan peel?

Most people notice improvements within a week, with complete results often visible in 4-6 weeks.

Is the Cosmelan peel painful?

No, discomfort is minimal, and any temporary sensations like redness or itching usually subside within a day or two.

How long do the results of a Cosmelan peel last?

While results are not permanent, proper maintenance, including daily use of a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen, helps prolong the benefits.