pregnancy skincare dos and donts
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The thought of being a mama is pure bliss. Congratulations are in order, and you know the whole world around you will change. The joy comes with great responsibility and added prenatal care. From eating to sleeping, now it’s time to be extra cautious. One such thing is skincare during pregnancy. Although the idea of a natural pregnancy glow is pleasing, the hormones can create chaos on the skin.

Pregnant women need to take added precautions as the regular skincare routine might not fit well. You want to avoid some ingredients, but adding some might be beneficial. Here is a guide to Do’s and Don’ts of pregnancy skincare routine you must follow:

Skincare During Pregnancy –  The Do’s

Consult a Dermatologist

You may see your skin change or become prone to sensitivity now. It is because of the surge in female hormones (estrogen and progesterone). And there is no harm in continuing a skincare regime for yourself. But some ingredients are regarded as unsafe or not tested for and deemed safe in pregnancy, as the skin absorbs them and may affect your baby’s growth. It is best to consider visiting the best dermatologist in Chennai if you face any skin issues while expecting.

Sunscreen is Your Best Friend

Dark spots, melasma, and dull skin are usual when you’re pregnant. Applying a suitable sunscreen of SPF 15 or above may help you combat these problems and also help you deal with sun sensitivity. Sun protection is also the most important thing you can use as anti-wrinkle and skin cancer protection in the long term.

Include Vitamin C

It is an excellent antioxidant and is considered safe during pregnancy. Vitamin C helps with tissue repair, heals, and keeps your skin healthy and glowing. It also reduces traces of hyperpigmentation and dark spots caused by melasma.

Less Is More For Skincare Routine

Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy can result in breakouts and oily skin for many women. It is safe to say- When in doubt, stick to a simple CTM routine. Always follow the thumb rule “Less is more,” especially when it comes to skincare during pregnancy. There is a comprehensive list of unsafe pregnancy skincare ingredients that you must avoid, including Lactic acid, glycolic acid, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, azelaic acid, and L ascorbic acid.


It goes without saying; water intake can treat almost every skin concern to an extent. As water encompasses roughly 60% of our body, it is vital to be well hydrated. People with combination or oily skin tend to survive on minimal moisturization because they feel they don’t need to. But it’s time to switch it up. In pregnancy, even combination skin becomes flaky and dries up, so there should be no compromise on hydration. For that, you can use moisturizing creams to do the job. Try more natural nut butter like shea butter, cocoa butter, and oils like jojoba oil and avocado oil.

Skincare During Pregnancy – The Don’ts

No Hydroxy Acids

Beta hydroxy acids (BHA) and Alpha hydroxy acids(AHA) are used in cosmetic products to treat skin inflammations, skin disorders, redness, and acne. They are also present in numerous toners, cleansers, and exfoliants to reduce aging. Salicylic acid is the only BHA studied for pregnancy, and it is also the most common ingredient listed on products. High doses of Salicylic acid in chemical peels or oral form (an ingredient in aspirin) can cause congenital disabilities and many complications.

Topically applied, the skin absorbs a small quantity of BHAs. However, as taking oral salicylic acid during pregnancy isn’t considered safe, doctors also recommend avoiding excessive or frequent use of BHA-containing products. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, lower-dose topical Over-the-counter products which consist of Salicylic acid are considered safe. Moreover, retinoids, hydroquinone, phthalates, and chemical sunscreens are unsafe for skincare during pregnancy.

Avoid Anti-Acne and Anti-Aging Products

Breakouts are common during pregnancy because of estrogen levels. As tempting as it may look, do not go for any anti-acne product to make it reduce. These products contain pregnancy prohibited ingredients like retinol, salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide, which are best if avoided.

You may even feel like your skin is aging, but the skin should be left as it is, and it will evolve on its own. Anti-aging products also contain harsh chemicals like hydroquinone, retinol, and retinoids. You can opt for Bakuchiol instead because it is plugged in as a pregnancy-friendly ingredient. Skincare during pregnancy has to be limited to what your dermatologist suggests. If you have acne, scars, and wrinkle issues, you can treat them with different laser therapies for acne, scars, and wrinkles

Chemical Treatment and Laser Therapy

Chemical peels might work wonders otherwise, but it is a big NO-NO during pregnancy. While gentle exfoliation is okay, chemical peels or any beauty surgeries can wait until the baby arrives. Anything that involves electrical touch should be avoided, and health care providers do not advise even cosmetic laser therapy. 

There are no safety studies yet as to whether laser therapy causes morbidity or not. This lack of research won’t likely change anytime soon since scientists don’t want to expose mothers and babies to potentially harmful procedures intentionally.

Avoid Creams and Depilatories

You will probably feel hairier during pregnancy because of obvious reasons (hormones). You can go ahead with shaving as it is the cheapest, most convenient, and time-saving technique. And can take help from your partner if need be. However, avoid depilatories and creams. These have active ingredients like calcium thioglycolate and sulfide powder cause concern in depilatories. Even though there is no evidence of them being harmful, there is no proof of them being safe either. So, it is better if avoided. 

Best Clinic for Skincare During Pregnancy

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