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Makeup cannot completely hide wrinkles and fine lines, but too much can worsen your skin. If you’re dealing with fine lines, wrinkles, or other skin concerns and want to enhance your skin, various dermatological options are available. If you prefer a less invasive approach, Mesobotox, also known as microbotox, could be a suitable choice. 

In this blog, you will learn more about Mesobotox and understand how it differs from regular Botox injections. It also gives an idea of what to expect before, during, and after the treatment.

What is Mesobotox for Face?

Mesobotox is a beauty treatment that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, giving you firmer, smoother and younger-looking skin. It also makes pores smaller, controls oil production, and lessens sweating on the face. Mesobotox uses a microneedle and a small amount of thinned-out Botox. It is injected more widely across your face, typically in the T zone. The unique aspect of Mesobotox is that it doesn’t go into the muscles; instead, it’s injected into a deeper layer of the skin called the dermis.

How Does It Work?

Mesobotox, an innovative cosmetic procedure, prioritizes your comfort using a gentle topical anaesthetic. A skilled professional administers a carefully diluted botulinum toxin mixed with a skin moisturizing solution during the treatment. 

The process involves precise injections with a small, fine needle, strategically covering a more extensive facial area, commonly the T zone. This approach leads to instant facial smoothness, reduced pore size, and a subtle skin relaxation effect. 

Who Is The Ideal Candidate?

People with specific concerns can benefit from Mesobotox treatment.

Best Tips To Follow For Mesobotox Treatment

Pre-Procedure Care Tips:

Post-Procedure Care Tips:

Results of The Treatment

Mesobotox temporarily reduces fine lines as well as wrinkles. Additionally, it proves effective in enhancing skin texture and minimizing the large pores. Some people even experience a slight lifting effect in areas with saggy skin. Note that these results are not permanent, lasting around 3 to 6 months. Regular maintenance sessions are needed to maintain the benefits.

Botox vs Mesobotox

Both perform differently to make your skin look better. Botox helps with wrinkles by affecting the muscles, making them relax. It gives a more natural and refreshed appearance; the results usually last three to four months. 

Meso Botox, however, focuses on making your skin healthier. It involves injecting smaller amounts of Botox into the skin’s surface to tackle issues like big pores, too much oil, redness, and acne. It brings benefits like smaller pores, less oil, smoother skin, and a glowing look. The effects of Meso Botox also last for about three to four months, and you can get it again for lasting results. 

Your choice between Botox and Meso Botox depends on what you want for your skin. If you have wrinkles you want to reduce, Botox is a good choice. Meso Botox might be the right fit to enhance your skin’s health.

Best Mesobotox At Welona in Chennai

Welona, a leading skin care clinic in Chennai, stands out as the ideal choice for Mesobotox treatments for several reasons. The clinic boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who specialize in skin care. Their team of experts ensures you receive safe and effective Mesobotox injections with optimal results.

Moreover, Welona prioritizes your well-being by maintaining strict hygiene and safety standards throughout treatment. The clinic follows rigorous protocols, ensuring the blood handling procedures are careful. Thus, you don’t have any risk of infection. Additionally, Welona values your comfort and convenience. 

The professionals at Welona take the time to explain the procedure, answer your queries, and ensure you feel at ease throughout the Mesobotox treatment. The welcoming and supportive environment at Welona enhances your overall experience!


Mesobotox works great for smoothening face texture, and the treatment is not harmful. However, you must contact only qualified professionals like Welona to ensure everything runs smoothly. At Welona, the Mesobotox procedure is personalized to address your unique skin concerns. The clinic’s experts carefully assess your needs, providing a customized plan that aligns with your skin goals. Reach out to Welona today to book your session!


How long do Mesobotox results last?

Mesobotox results are temporary, lasting around 3 to 6 months. Periodic maintenance sessions are recommended for sustained benefits.

Is Mesobotox suitable for everyone?

Mesobotox is a versatile option for many, addressing fine lines, wrinkles, and skin texture concerns. You can go for a consultation with a skincare professional to know the suitability.

In which areas is Mesobotox practical?

Mesobotox operates a diluted Botox in larger quantities applied to the cheeks, neck, and chest regions. It addresses long-term concerns such as pores, texture, tone, mild scarring, skin ageing, active acne, discolourations, rosacea, and pigmentation issues.

Is Mesobotox painful? 

While any injection may cause discomfort, the tiny needles used for Mesobotox result in minimal pain. One can numb the area with a cream or cold pack 10-20 minutes before the shots for extra comfort.